How It Works

This Is How MECOTO Works

Here is a brief rundown of what MECOTO does and how it works.

Signs With Contractor

MECOTO signs a contractor and tokenizes the construction phase

Contractor Is Paid

Once construction work is complete – Contractor is paid by the client or bank funding the construction

Our Funds

MECOTO is paid by the contractor the initial amount + the profit generated.

Smart Contract

Construction phase is put on the platform and a smart contract is generated

Video Updates

MECOTO provides weekly video updates of the construction work to the investor of each project with full transparency.

Contractor Is Paid

Smart Contract Completes its time cycle and token contributors are credited their initial tokens + tokens earned through contributing to the smart contract.

Token Distribution

Tokens are contributed by the community to the smart contract in a form of escrow

Fund Project

The cash float then funds the construction phase to the equivalent amount of tokens locked in the smart contract

Your Return

Token holders can then liquidate their tokens or can contribute to funding more projects.

What is MECOTO

Brief Summary

MECOTO is a community-driven solution for tokenization of construction projects. It brings together a unique solution that helps contractors, suppliers, labourers, clients, consultants, token holders and investors, to create an ecosystem of synergistic progress backed by blockchain technology. Each element complements the other in the system and drives construction forward contributing to the development of cities and projects in the middle east.

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Why We Use Blockchain Technology

There are very real and important reasons why we use the blockchain technology , and here are the main reasons why

Fast Transaction

Mecoto protocol provides less than 10 minutes to receive dividends which normally can take a month

Lower Cost

The transaction fee is minimal compared to the cost of sending a bank wire

Large Database

Invest in projects of your own choice or suggested projects by our analytics team at MECOTO

Low Capital

Invest with as little as $500 USD and start making annual returns of up to 40%


Ownerships, Transaction data, and hashes are recorded in the blockchain and accessible to all peers on the network


Customers can easily and instantly convert MECOTO Tokens into fiat currency through exchanges, Peer to Peer or by trading them

No Barrier

You are able to invest in the construction phase of any project from anywhere in the world

Short Time Frame

MECOTO ROI is generated within 2 – 3 months

Construction Facts

Planned project growth construction in the UAE – $262.44 billion. UAE offers one of the lowest construction costs in the world at just $1,455 per s/m


Team With Passion

We have a very passionate and experienced team all working to achieve one goal. To enable everyone to invest in construction projects.


Market Analysis

7000+ Contractors in the UAE – 1000+ Architects and Consultants – 2000+ Suppliers of Materials

  • Public
  • Team
  • Float
  • Advisors
  • Bonus
  • Bounty

Token Distribution

After extensive research, we have identified that there are 6 sectors where tokens will need to be distributed. These sections are comprised of:

  • Public
  • Team
  • Coin as float
  • Bonus
  • Advisory Board
  • Bounty

UAE Remains the number 1 construction market in the GCC

Total investment in construction for complete projects in the last 3 years in Dubai – $21.17 billion


Funds Allocation

Here is a breakdown of where the investment funds will be allocated to. This will help grow MECOTO and push it to keep making this company a success.  Here are the allocation sectors:

  • Float for construction
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Technology & Development
  • Legal Compliance
  • Float For Construction
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Technology & Development
  • Legal Compliance


Check Out Our Roadmap Of Whats To Come

Managing to hit all our targets so far, we are on track to continue to reach our targets. See below everything we currently have planned.

Expected Growth

Number Of Tokens In Circulation / Year


Idea Founded


Research And Testing Phase


White Paper Draft


Legal Entity Established


Advisory Board Formed


Blockchain Architecture Developed


Start Of Contractor On Boarding


Platform Beta Release


Start Of Project Phase 1


Start Of Project Phase 2 (Sharjah)


Platform Goes Live


Trading On Exchanges


Start Of Project Phase 3 (Abu Dhabi)


Start Of Project Phase 4 (Rest Of Emirates)


Expansion To Other Countries In The Middle East


What is MECOTO?

MECOTO is a community-driven solution for tokenization of construction projects. It brings together a unique solution that helps contractors, suppliers, labourers, clients, consultants, token holders and investors, to create an ecosystem of synergistic progress backed by blockchain technology.

How much does each coin cost at ICO?

One MCT Token is worth 1 USD at ICO.

What is difference between MECOTO and Real Estate Tokens?

MECOTO is a construction based token that focuses on funding construction projects. It divides a specific project into phases and funds those separately rather than the whole development.

Whereas, Real Estate Coin tokenizes real estate into fractions and allows their customers to buy fraction through their tokens.

What is the minimum that I can invest?

The minimum that you can invest is 500 USD

When will the ICO end?

31st December, 2018

How can I buy MCT Token?

Follow the steps: 

Create an account on our website

Fill in the KYC Form

Send money through the payment details that will be provided after filling the KYC form

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